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It really was that easy and saved me money too!... Dylan

Wow that was so easy, thank you Sarah

Simplicity is the key

In less than the time it takes you to find a car park, put up the umbrella and make a mad dash to the Lawyer's office – simply fill in your details online and you're already one step closer to the settlement you want! And never fear - all information provided is confidential and contained in a secure website. It’s simple, easy, available when you want it and all at a great rate!

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You can take care of all the legalities of buying, selling or refinancing your property without having to leave home online conveyancing service is backed by a team of real lawyers saves you both time and money


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Simply select whether you are buying or selling, take a few seconds to answer a couple of questions, and vouloir you are presented with a break down of all costs involved.

About is an online conveyancing service, backed up by real lawyers. This means that you can manage all of the legalities of buying, selling or refinancing your home or investment property without having to leave your home or office.

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